About Us

To Walk The Right Way;

Here, like most brands, we don't want to start from a classic small workshop to the production of thousands of pairs of shoes daily and a classic story like the brand competing with the world's giants. Although there is such a beginning in our story.

As Cabani we; we integrated the change into our brand DNA. We embrace tomorrow and the future in order to keep up with the ever-changing trends of the new world and even to be the brand that created them. We also say "We are new" to those who have been producing for centuries and who say we are the oldest. We do not try to be old or traditional like them, we are looking for the new and different.

In today's world, where we have access to the world's information faster than ever before, we are trying to follow all the developments in the world personally and closely in order to produce comfortable and trendy shoes today.In our R&D studies, we get support from scientists to produce comfortable and comfortable shoes. For this reason, we started to integrate GELAX / Pedigel technology to all our shoe models in 2019. In our R&D department, where we examine all the needs of urban and working people, we work to the finest detail in user scenarios. Our work on many subjects such as how many hours we stand, ankle and foot anatomy, and the advantages of high quality breathable material is progressing day by day.

Our social media and communication team integrates new trends into our brand instantly, bringing our consumers who prefer us together with the latest models. We determine the fashion line in our collections, sometimes with world-famous designers in design, and sometimes with phenomena in social media. Our brand, which has adopted the concept of fast fashion and no longer produces shoes only according to the season, includes dozens of new models in its collection in various periods.

As the second generation, we embrace change and innovation, not the traditional. Our goal is not only to meet the need, but to build a brand that will make you different and care about you with innovation and trend approaches.

Cabani wants to be more than just a brand that sells you shoes in the future. As a brand that thinks about you and your business life and offers you products accordingly, produces products that reflect your personality with trend designs, is sensitive, responsible and conscious in social and social issues, and supports animal rights and their struggle for life, it wants to be with its consumers.

Because we know very well that even if we are a brand that produces shoes to 41 countries in its modern building of 10.000m2 from 50 pairs of shoes in Gedikpasada in 1983, this story would not be enough for you to choose us.

In order to choose us, you must be involved in the story, feel the brand with you at all times, make suggestions to it, even design products, give campaign ideas and know what you think.

That's why let's walk together so that we can walk on the right path.

Cabani Family.

Trade Registry Number: 6090025863
Phone : +90 212 549 29 09
Headquarters Address : Küçük Organize Sanayi District Atatürk Avenue No:82 Başakşehir/İstanbul TURKEY
E-Mail : info@cabani.com.tr